Rasputina live at St Pancras Old Church, London

They were only performing as the support act for Smoke Fairies so unfortunately most of the people there had not heard of them before so I had to restrain my inner squee quite a bit, but Rasputina were absolutely wonderful on Wednesday evening! The venue was utterly gorgeous, very tiny with no professional lighting (they used living room lamps to light the stage and no I am not kidding!) and Melora’s voice sounded wonderful.

My personal highlights were Humankind, As The Sailor (which kinda made me cry a bit because I was just so excited about seeing my favourite band live and the song surged so beautiful and ugh), Identity Tokens (ohmigosh, did I seriously just hear that played live?!) and Saline The Salt Lake Queen, which I am particularly obsessed with at the moment because it is the song that has inspired my NaNoWriMo novel, Salt for this year.

Melora, you looked, sang and played as beautifully as ever, and Daniel, wow, you were such an inspiring performer. In fact your presence and charisma and beauty on stage has inspired me deeply. I hope you don’t mind if I base a character on you in Salt! ♥

Next week I am going to see them - again! - play at the Purple Turtle in Camden, and they will be the headliners so I can hopefully go as crazy as I like without looking like a moron… I can’t wait!!

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    Huh, when I saw them last, Smoke Fairies were opening for them.
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